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LPPC 2023-24 Membership Application

Lone Pine Pheasant Club (LPPC) invites you to join one of California's finest upland game bird hunting preserves. A great opportunity to carry on or start a family tradition of hunting and outdoors activities in the beautiful Eastern Sierras is yours with a membership to LPPC.

Lone Pine Pheasant Club will endeavor to accommodate member requests for any style of hunting by offering wide-ranging personalized services. All facilities will be available to rent for private parties and business development functions. There is year-round fishing at Diaz Lake and the Owens River which are only minutes from LPPC's clubhouse. Join a couple of long-time members hunting pheasants in the spectacular Eastern Sierras!

Thank you for your support of the Lone Pine Pheasant Club for the past eleven years.  It is sincerely appreciated. It’s the support of people like you that keep the Long Pine Pheasant Club going from year to year.  Again, thanks to all of you as we enter our eleventh season.

Sean Ponso, President                                           Denny Ponso, CEO
Member Since 2003                                                LPPC Member since 1988

Member Field Access

Member Field Access

Memberships are on an annual basis, running from June 1st to May 31st, with members hunting on 700+ continuous acres of diverse, quality managed ranchland with a variety of premier grasses and brush cover. There are five designated hunting zones onsite, each 120+ acres, and one hunting area located near the airport with an additional 100 acres of level terrain especially suited for training inexperienced dogs. Starting in May until the middle of October, members are welcome to run and train their dogs in our fields.

Member Hunt Season

From November 10th to April 7th, LPPC will release ring-neck pheasants and chukar partridges (as available), and you may begin to harvest birds off your membership account. Once your bird allotment has been exhausted, additional pheasants may be purchased for $34 (15% discount off regular price for members only) and chukar for $25 (14% discount off regular price for members only). Additionally, 3 chukar maybe substituted for 2 pheasants. Up to four guns are recommended per field, however special arrangements can be made to accommodate more hunters at the time a field is reserved. With membership, you can reserve a field in advance, ahead of everyone else!

LPPC is a state-licensed game bird club and all hunters will need to possess a California hunting license. All hunts include coffee and lemonade served all day at the clubhouse. As well on all hunts, members are welcome to a complimentary lunch with those unforgettable LPPC biscuits! Value will be added to all harvested pheasants through an exchange program which will allow members an opportunity to swap birds for pheasant delicacies such as pot pies.

LPPC 2023-24 Membership Application